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Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

The new Family Health Optima Recharge Benefit provides additional indemnity upto specified limits, when the sum insured under the policy is exhausted / exceeded. This can be utilized for any claim payable under the policy. Immediately upon exhaustion of the limit of coverage during the policy period, there shall be an automatic restoration of the basic sum insured by 100% where the sum insured is Rs.3,00,000/- and above.

Here are some more highlights of Family Health Optima:

Single policy, wider coverage for whole family at an affordable premium.

Get extra sum insured (auto recharge) at no extra cost, up to 30% of sum insured.

Health Checkup costs up to Rs.5,000/- for every block of 3 years of policy coverage.

Automatic restoration of entire Sum insured by 100%.

New-born baby cover from 16th day..

Domiciliary Hospitalization Expenses for treatment exceeding 3 days.

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